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Our Mission

To get you top quality meats and fine seafood delivered straight to your door.

Meet Troy Baxter

As a meat specialist for many years, Troy has access to top-quality proteins and seafood, and has developed business relationships with meat suppliers to get high quality meats from all over the world.  

In bringing home those specialty items for his friends and family to enjoy, his friends would ask, "Where can we get this for our home?"  His answer always being, "Only at five star restaurants and at five star prices." 

The quality and consistency that Troy offers with Baxter's Quality Meats are typically reserved for just that, Five star Resorts and Fine Dining. 

With Baxter's Quality Meats, we give you the buying power to get great, high quality meat at a great price. 

Our goal is to bring you quality, top quality meats and seafood conveniently to your front door.

Troy updates Baxter's Quality Meats price list with competitive Market Pricing every Sunday evening/Monday Morning.  Sign up for our email list to receive this single weekly email, and just reply back with your order at that time!  

No more hassle of driving to the store for more of the same bulk processed choices!  You deserve the quality and cuts that you want, delivered right to your door.

Thank you for checking us out!

Baxter's Quality Meats and Seafood, 

Happily serving our customers all over Florida!

About Us

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